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if you have question or need a step by step guide can @uipotp. 


Neko-Inu is a gaming platform for everyone to have fun while earning USDT. The game takes USDT from the Tron network, TRC20 .

Purchase a pet ranging from 50USDT to 2400USDT

Click 5 buttons in 2mins interval (total time taken 10mins), this increase your pet USDT value

After 12 hours, sell off your pet and earn 3%

Potential earnings for 1 pet slot is 144 USDT per day (based on 6% of 2400USDT)

Repeat step 1 to 5 every 12 hours


Simply click on the link below to start earning 144 USDT a day!:

Log in to Neko Inu account and select "+" next to USDT, copy the TR20 address

Purchase USDT from your crypto platforms such as Binance/Huobi Global and withdraw to Neko Inu using the TR20 address

Start playing when you receive your USDT