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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Advanced Forex Course: Mastering Forex Trading 

  • Mastering Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Understanding the Impact of News
  • Using Fibonacci Retracements to Identify Trades

Lesson 2: Advanced Forex Strategy 1: The EMA Bounce System

  • Leveraging on Strong Trends to identify high probability trades
  • Uptrend and Downtrend Wave Patterns and Low-Risk Filters
  • Entry and Exit Rules for Bounce Strategy Long and Short Setups

Lesson 3: Advanced Forex Strategy 2: News Scalp Strategy

  • Take Advantage of Major Marketing Moving News
  • Quick Fire Strategy using M1 Candles

Lesson 4: Advanced Forex Strategy 3: Trade The Range

  • Identify and trade a consolidation pattern in any FX pair
  • Low-Risk Filters to ensure high probability trades.
  • Entry and Exit Rules for Trade The Range Strategy Long and Short Setups

Lesson 5: Advanced Forex Strategy 4: Trend Continuation Entry

  • The V2 of the original Bounce Strategy
  • A Powerful Trending Strategy

Lesson 6: Advanced Forex Strategy 5: Momentum Breakout

  • Identify breakout on M15 and H1 candles
  • Using Currency Strength Meter to identify the strongest currency and the weakest currency

Forex Trading Course Level 2: Pip Netter™

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