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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Introduction to REITs

  • •   How do REITs work?
  • •   How REITs can turbocharge and stabilize your investment portfolio
  • •   Benefits of REITs v.s. direct property purchase
  • •   How to achieve financial freedom with REITs


Lesson 2: Understanding the Different REIT Categories

  • •   Characteristics of Retail, Industrial, Commercial, Hospitality and Healthcare REITs
  • •   How different REITs compare in terms of capital gain, yield and income stability


Lesson 3: Mastering REIT Terminology Like a Pro Landlord

  • •   Learn all about key fundamental ratios like Debt Maturity, Lease Expiry, Occupancy Rate, Gearing Ratios, Yield, Price-to-NAV Ratio and much more


Lesson 4: 7-Step Strategy for Screening the Highest Quality REITs

  • •   How to use automated screeners to identify the best quality REITs
  • •   Learn the 7-step strategy to evaluating the quality of a REIT
  • •   How to pick the best REITs in the world to invest in
  • •   Case studies on Singapore-listed REITs

Lesson 5: How to Analyze US-Listed REITs

  • •   Key differences when investing in US-listed REITs
  • •   Case studies on US-listed REITs


Lesson 6: Investing in REIT Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

  • •   Pros and cons of investing in REIT ETFs
  • •   How to select the best REIT ETFs in the market


Lesson 7: How to Build a Winning REIT Portfolio

  • •   Keys to building a low-risk, high-return REIT portfolio
  • •   Portfolio allocation and position sizing
  • •   Entry strategies: "When do I accumulate shares in REITs?"
  • •   Exit strategies: "When do I sell my REITs?"


[BONUS] Lesson 8: How to Build Your Financial Freedom Plan


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REIT Investing Course

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